Four and five stars hotel managers go-kart race due
on the 17th October 2019

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What is IPSAL CUP ?

IPSAL CUP is an event organized by the company IPSAL for hotel managers of fours and five stars hotels.

This event is a serious Go-Kart race (non-professional) taking place at Radotin Kart Centrum on the 17th of October 2019.

As a lot of you would remember, this event is a historical one because we used to organize it every year,

This is a serious team-building event with the possibility to compare your performance with other hotels managers on the track. Size of the hotels does not matter, leadership and willingness to fight as a team definitely yes.

Each hotel should present his own team composed of four drivers among them at least one female driver. Each team should have a separate team Captain (Normally GM’s are preferred for this role!).

The race is a relay type with qualifications. The qualification race will last for one hour and the final for one hour and twenty minutes (to be adjusted).

To be able to participate you need to participate the two hours training taking place in September where we will explain all the race rules as well invite you to drive on the circuit.

Each hotel can bring up to 10 hotels managers to encourage his team; there is price for the best supportive team.


The event is free of charge for the participant and their guests. This includes the race, the training, the open buffet and soft drinks all this with “adequate” music

The event will start around 18:00 and finishes around Midnight or at the announcement of the results

If you wish to apply to this race and you were not contacted yet please send us an email we will study your application in the limits of the available places (22 hotels is the maximum number of hotels accepted)

You will find more details on these pages.

We promise you a lot of adrenalin, stress, challenges good loud music, team fighting, screaming and shouting, we promises you hell..

Are you up to the challenge?

IPSAL CUP team, KATEŘINA (777 807 573)
MARC (602 310 885)


For those who haven’t heard about us or our event yet, we are a company specialised in Hotel floors and wall finishing based in Prague. We would like to announce that we are organising a Kart race in Prague among 4* and 5* hotel managers. These hotels may be or may not be our clients.

The event is free of charge and includes the Race (3,5 hour), Two hours of training (24/25-Sep.) and light buffet dinner on the day of the race for all participants including team supporters who are more than welcome to come.

Each hotel will be represented by the team of four drivers including at least one lady (all being managers working for a hotel). Additionally, each hotel team has to choose one captain who is in charge of coaching the racers and communicating with the organizers.

The teams will have to go through one evening of compulsory training where safety measures and rules will be explained in detail and the hotels will have a chance to race for one hour to work on a strategy. The date of the training will be specified.

Download registration
and invitation letter


We are interested to participate to your event. We would like to know more.


Latest News

16 October 2019
Last Race rules update please be careful.
16 October 2019
See you tomorrow on the track (We will be sleeping there tonight :-))
14 October 2019
Attention : We have updated the race rules please look at it and studied with your team carefully.
13 October 2109
Few days to go , we see more and more persons training.
12 October 2109
One day before the race (16 October) you will receive the last introductions for the race.
4 October 2019
12 days to go..  teams are training hard.....
4 October  2019
Please take note of our Instagram link for this race www.instagram.com/ipsalcz
2 October 2019
Your are 24 hotels registered, Please check the participant list. It means that you will be 24 x 4 racers = 96 drivers + 24 captains !!
3 October 2019
We are happy to see that the IPSAL CUP race was taken seriously and that hotels are training accordingly.
3 October 2019
Do not hesitate to agree with other hotels (4 to 5 hotels) to rent the Kart centrum for training. You have a discount as IPSAL CUP participants. You will drive more and can really practice.
26 September 2019
We were very happy to see you at the occasion of these two training sessions and thank you for your attendance.
In between now and the race of the 17th October, your training will make the difference. Remember the safety rules, in particular all what concerns the loading and UN-loading of drivers.
25 September 2019
For fan of music please be informed that we have a public  Spotify Playlist of songs which will be played on the 17 October 2019 during the event. Work hard ..  drive Hard ...
25 September 2019
Today is the training day for Group B, same instructions like yesterday (see below)It would be helpful if you read the race rules and safety rules before you come. This could generate interesting questions that will be answered during the training.
25 September 2109
You were 55 persons who attended the training session in group A. We hope you enjoyed it. In all case what an improvement in between your first ride and your second ride. Teams of Group A which did not yet sign the registration form please contact us rapidly.
24 September 2019
Please be informed that  training is for free, however bar and restaurant consumption has to be paid normally.
24 September 2019
Dress code. Cool and relax dress. Thin sport shoes and good mood.  Bring what we sent you with you !
24 September 2019
All group A should come to Radotin Kart Centrum today (24 September) . Training starts At 19:00 . Please be there around 18:30.
18th September.
If you are coming to train by your own check that the kart centrum is free before coming. Remember you have a discount also if you privatize the track for one hour.  You also have the possibility to get a Kart coach. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information or write us.
18th of September.
The kart centrum clerk reported to us that some drivers of  IPSAL CUP race started to train. Do not forget to use your discount card and to mention your hotel name.
17th of September
All 24 hotels should have received by messenger a grey bag IPSAL with discount tickets, gloves and hoods as well as the address of the Kart center. If it is not the case contact us urgently.
16 September 2019
Hotels who did not sign in for the training were given an automatic training date. Please check the list of participants section you will see the training dates.
11th September
The final list of participants is issued now.
10th September 
A couple of hotels did not choose yet dates for training 24 or 25. If we do not have a choice from you we will allocate a date automatically to you. Training is compulsory. Please see the registered hotels list and check the training dates.

9th September 2019
We closed the registration for IPSAL CUP 2019, 22 hotels registered, we will post the hotels name this week"
9th September 2019
This week you should receive by messenger all the necessary information and kits concerning the training of 2 hours. If you did not select one of the two dates (Group A or Group B) we will select for you a date and let you know. If you have a preference let us know in return rapidly. Make sure to inform the reception that we will receive a bag from IPSAL.
7th September 2019
For the training dates we will have two groups Group A  will train Tuesday 24th of September  and Group B or  Wednesday 25th  September , from 19:00 till 21.00. Please choose your preferred date of training and revert to us rapidly . Your drivers and captain have to be present so consult it with them. Please come little bit earlier so we do not loose time
14th August 2019
First questions were compiled and answered. We issued a FAQ for you to consult.
12th August 2019
Full process of registration is going on. 
7th August 2019
A web page was finished it is beta tested and will be soon on line we will keep you posted.
6th August 2019
All documents and rules for this race were issued.  They will be sent by mail.
4th August 2019
Confirmation were sent to us. Remember do not wait too long for registering.
1st August 2019
First Invitation sent to previous participant to IPSAL CUP. Our objective is to reach 22 participants.

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IPSAL Cup 2019

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